Hunting Season 2018 is here: The importance of wearing ‘blaze orange’

With autumn on its way, so is hunting season. During this time, the Rehoboth Land Trust reminds its members and visitors to our properties to be aware of possible hunting activity around the vicinity of our properties.

Why is wearing ‘blaze orange’ important?

Wearing blaze orange when hiking and enjoying our properties helps you stay safe during the autumn hunting season by minimizing your chances of being mistaken for wildlife and game in the woods. In Massachusetts, during deer hunting season, hunters must legally wear blaze orange while actively hunting game.

While not legally required by hikers and nature enthusiasts, blaze orange strongly increases your chances of staying safe while enjoying mother nature.

More information about deer season

While our publicly-accessible properties are open to everyone, we ask that if you are considering hunting on our lands to please contact us prior to your day in the woods. You can submit a request via our online submission form. We ask that submissions are made 48 hours in advanced in order to post the appropriate warning signage to non-hunting visitors.

As a general rule, the Rehoboth Land Trust does not offer hunting advice or recommendations. If you would like more information specifically, you may consult the Massachusetts State Deer Hunting Regulations.


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