Private Property
No Public Access
11½ Acres
Conservation Goals
  • Protection of Water Resources
  • Flood Plain Protection
  • Water Quality Protection
  • Habitat & Biodoversity Protection
  • Conservation of Open Space
  • Preservation of Agricultural Land

    Property History

    This privately-owned property is a gently sloping pasture with bordering woodland along the western bank of the West Branch of the Palmer River.

    The Conservation Restriction represents a voluntary initiative of the current landowners. Mr. Knowles’ parents purchased ± 70 acres in about 1938. Since then, the Knowles have raised a great variety of livestock and vegetable crops on the premises, much of which was devoted to pasture. Native American artifacts, such as arrowheads, surfaced during cultivation.

    Land Owner & Funding Partners

    The land is privately owned by Jonathan and Caroline Knowles. The conservation restriction is held by the Rehoboth Land Trust. Funding partners include the Land Conservation Tax Credit Program under the Massachusetts  Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.