Private Property
No Public Access
5½ Acres
Conservation Goals
  • Wetlands & Flood Plain Protection
  • Water Quality Protection
  • Protection of the Palmer River
  • Habitat & Biodiversity Protection

    Property History

    This 5½ acre land-locked property is located off of Wilmarth Bridge Road and Pond Street (behind the Boy Scout property known as Camp Buxton). The parcel consists of a wet meadow with the Palmer River running through it and it has a small amount of land on both banks. 

    The land was part of the Cushing family farm situated on Pine Street, Salisbury Street and Hillside Avenue. The original family home is at 188 Pine Street. The family settled in the area in 1730 and were strawberry and dairy farmers. The family stopped farming in 1933. In the fall when the river was low, this parcel of land was hayed for thatch.

    Land Owner & Funding Partners

    The land is owned by the Rehoboth Land Trust. The property was donated by members of the Cushing family, including Bradford Hall, Bob Materne, Douglas Materne, Nancy Tripp, Anne Hall, Susan Hall, and Roseanne Hall.